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1965 Mustang Air Conditioning

Our 1965-current mustang air conditioning can get you ready for the hot summer days by cooling off your car. Our cable controlled ac air conditioning will help to defrost your car outside when you're long gone, and keep it warm when you get back. Other features of our air conditioning are heat defrost and air conditioning.

1965-66 Mustang, Falcon, Comet Original/Used V8 Air Condition Compressor Bracket

1965-66 Mustang, Falcon, Comet Original/Used V8 Air Condition Compressor Bracket



65 Mustang Air Conditioning

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1965 Mustang Air Conditioning Kit

The 1965-1967 mustang had a complete cool only underdash system air conditioning. This allows the driver to get the most out of their car by using the cool air and cold water that the engine produces. The mustang air conditioning kit allows the driver to get this with a few clicks on the controls. this classic mustang air conditioning system has aelectronic ac heater defrost system air conditioning. It is perfect for those cool autumn days orintroducing you! Classic mustangs that are sure to make you feelgood! Our air conditioning is perfect for these types of occasions. From thevintage look of the mustang air conditioning system to the comfort of yourheater, we provide a system that will make you feel like you'reright at home! this is a 1965-1966 ford mustang air conditioning kit that includes a mechanical air conditioning unit and an electronic air conditioning unit. The kit allows you to control the air conditioning using an electronic controller or using the manual control. The air conditioning can be set to a custom temperature range and it can also be set to receive fresh air every day. this is a great opportunity to own a 1965-'68 mustang falcon with air conditioning. The compressor bracket allows for easy installation and removal from the car. The car also includes original air conditioning, 3-zone climate control, and a power sunroof. This vehicle is in excellent condition with no issues over the years. It is a great addition to any mustangs shopping cart.